Meet the Team


Director / Practitioner / Researcher

Glen is part of a group of global researchers who collectively share their ideas, knowledge and findings in an attempt to jointly resolve serious diseases scientifically, and assist in “leading people out of a suspended state of sickness”.
He has been treating clients at his Rife and Integrated Therapies clinic in Auckland for the past 21 years. He specialises in serious and degenerative conditions.
Glen uses a Darkfield Microscope to examine blood in a live state, which clearly shows dysfunction at a cellular level. He then uses the products developed by Dr. Hans Nieper (LOGIC™ Range) and Dr. William Hansen (GLOBAL ENZYME™ Range), which go directly to the cells or parts of the cells where the damage is observed, facilitating rapid cellular repair.



Practitioner & Technical Support (Naturopath)

Dionne is our resident qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and acupuncturist. With 15 years clinical experience in the natural healthcare sector, she is a wealth of knowledge.

Dionne’s passion is to educate and empower individuals to achieve maximum wellness and vitality through nutritional support assisting the body to operate in a more balanced manner.