Our Products

Minerals play an important role in how well our bodies function and perform. Often times, these minerals are lost because of age, poor diet and stress.

A healthy diet is important but not enough!

Our bodies want to make sure we have enough of these vital minerals in our blood to function properly. That’s why having a quality mineral supplement is important.

Using ingredients of the highest quality and bioavailability, PINNZ products are designed to perform specific functions in an effective user friendly manner.
They are highly specialised formulations which target specific organs or health conditions.
Our products fall into three distinct ranges:

  • LOGIC™ a mineral transport system that delivers minerals to specific locations within the body or within the cells.
  • GLOBAL ENZYME™ supplements that contain RNA/DNA nucleic acids and peptides that are target and deliver to organ specific tissue. These products are hormone free, GE free and promote repair and renewal on a cellular level.
  • ELAN® a premium range of base-line products using the highest grade and potency materials available to ensure their efficacy.


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